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How to Identify and Compare the Best Bedding Products

Equine Pine Bedding

High re-expansion does not mean more product in the bag nor better absorption per bag. It usually means less active ingredients (cellulose) is in the bag and therefore considerably less absorption per bag.

Better absorption and less stall changes are directly attributable to the amount of pure cellulose in the bag. The bag with the largest amount of pure cellulose by weight will likely be your best pine bedding product.

Another important attribute is a good supply of fines (small particles of wood.) Fines help eliminate air pockets in the bedding. Too many air pockets lets moisture puddle on the floor of the stall. Light weight pure shavings are more likely to leave air pockets close to the floor where moisture can gather.

If the bedding feels crisp or prickly to the touch it is probably over-dried. Crisp and prickly shavings lose some of the ability to be absorbent.

Light weight bags, those weighing less than 30 pounds, are generally packaged with pure shavings or very small amounts of fines. With less pure cellulose per bag, they are less absorbent and will require more stall changes over a period of time.

Extra heavy bags (45 lbs or more) could mean the bag contains a lot of sawdust. You need a supply of shavings in the bag to keep moist sawdust from gathering in your horse’s hooves.

Canine Cedar Bedding

Cedar bedding should have as much pure shavings as possible with little or no fines. Canine bedding does not need to be absorbent.


Southern Shavings Company has worked hard to achieve as many of the above best bedding attributes as possible and offers a consistently high premium quality equine bedding. We believe pure shavings do not make a high quality premium bedding product.

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