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3 Cubic Ft. Bales - 45 Bales per Pallet

22 Pallets - 990 bales per Truckload

Approx. 38 lb. per Bale

2 Cubic Ft. Bales

50 Bales per Pallet

30 Pallets per Truckload

1500 Bales per Truckload

Approx. 21 lb. per Bale

We are proud to offer two attractive labels of pure pine equine bedding. Both brands offer maximum absorption. The Southern Star and The Heavy Weight brands are premium quality bedding brands which are carefully blended to maximize absorption while giving a pleasant appearance.

The extra heavy bags offer more absorption than the lighter weights which claim re-expansion of 8 to 10 cubic feet.

This product is made for horse owners who appreciate a dry stall that requires less maintenance. Often times one bag will be more absorbent than 1 1/2 bags of the lite weight.

These two labels are super dried by high heat which further increases absorption and sanitizes the product.

Kennel Club Cedar Bedding is super dried by high heat to produce a safer, sanitized bedding product for dogs.

The fresh cedar scent offers a good year round solution for repelling insects such as fleas, ticks and other pests. Spread a liberal amount in your kennel to help protect your canine friends.

Kennel Club is made from 100% pure red cedar shavings with no additives.

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